After an initial contact by email or phone, we will arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

The first session is an opportunity for us to meet and get to know each other. It will be a space for you to ask any questions you may have about me or the therapy process, and to talk about what brings you to therapy at this time in your life.

At the end of this first session, you will have a good idea of whether you want to work together and continue with further sessions, although you may want to think it over for a few days.

Once the decision is made to continue, we will establish a ‘contract’ that we both feel comfortable with. This will make clear the confidential nature of the sessions, the cancellation policy and establish our commitment to working together in regular weekly sessions.

For example, we may initially contract to meet for 8 weeks to see how that works out. This may be a sufficient number of sessions or you may then decide to continue on an open-ended basis.

Each 1 hour session is £60